Pegah Ziyaei

Personal statement

Pegah Ziyaei is an MSc graduate in Naval Architecture Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and a Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) grantee. She was honored to be a double major student and studied Marine Engineering and Civil Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology, and achieved the 3rd rank in the MSc National Entrance Exam.

With the guidance of her advisors, Prof. Khorasanchi and Prof. Sayyaadi, she finished her MSc thesis “Offshore wind farm layout optimization” focusing on minimizing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).


P. Ziyaei, M. Khorasanchi, H. Sayyaadi, and A. Sadollah, “Minimizing the levelized cost of energy in an offshore wind farm with non-homogeneous turbines through layout optimization”, submitted in the Ocean Engineering Journal.

A. Eidaninezhad, P. Ziyaei, and A. Zare, “An overview of marine pipeline repair methods”, the 8Offshore Industries Conference, 11-12 June 2019, Tehran, Iran.

M. Khorasanchi, H. Sayyaadi, P. Ziyaei, and A. Sadollah, “Layout optimization of a wind farm with non-homogenous turbines”, 20th Marine Industries Conference (MIC2018), 12 December 2018, Tehran, Iran.

P. Ziyaei, M. Monfared, M. Sayebani, and A. Badkoobeh, “Necessity of the study of salvage in Iranian waters”, 16th Marine Industries Conference (MIC2014), 2-3 December 2014, Bandar Abbas, Iran. (In Persian)

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