Hamidreza Nasiri

Hamidreza Nasiri received his bachelor’s degree in marine engineering in 2018 from Sharif University of Technology, then entered the master’s degree program in marine engineering at the Sharif University of Technology in the same year due to his academic background through a brilliant talent quota.

Hamidreza is an activist in the field of robotics and is currently working on a project to design and build a ship’s hull inspection rov in the core of applied ocean research at the Sharif University of Technology.

Hamidreza Kar’s experience in designing and construction of marine pipeline inspection ROV commissioned by the National Iranian Oil Tanker Company. He also has a history of winning national positions in two ROV robotics competitions, as well as his undergraduate dissertation with The title “Designing and Construction of Marine Pipeline Inspection Rov” has been selected as the best dissertation in the Sharif University of Technology.

His two years of work as a technical expert in Sepehr System Andish Company and two internships at the Iranian Classification society and the Offshore Industries Company (Saff) are among his career records.

Ways of communication:

Email: hamidreza.nasiri@mech.sharif.edu

Phone: +989175563669

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hamidreza-nasiri-ba4b65b7

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